I18N related features in NetBeans that allow users to more easily and conveniently do certain tasks related to I18N

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This document is not about I18N implentation or requirements for writing netbeans modules - see this document

i18n wizard allows user to create messages or labels for their projects and applications and to more easily have them inserted into properties files and the applicable java code generated.

see NetBeans online help and also i18n module web site

property file type can be created and allows creation and editing of java properties files per locale, and new locales can be added.

See NetBeans online help for more information and also properties file/editor web site

Web project with visual web java server faces framework offers 2 components related to i18n - the bundle component and the encoding component - see the online help for more information.

The form editor in NetBeans (ie new java desktop project or create a swing or api file) has features related to i18n of messages and labels

see this article

NetBeans 6 and beyond has a project encoding property that can be changed in the project properties.

Also there are other encoding changes and improvements related to projects and certain file types like html, jsp, xml and .properties.

See NetBeans help and search for word "encoding"
Also see these documents:


and these NetBeans FAQ entries:

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