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HTML and CSS Editing Improvements in Netbeans 6.8

Below is a list of possible enhancements and features for HTML and CSS editors. Items marked in bold font are the highly required ones.


Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P2 HTML refactoring 123545
P2 Code completion for class and id elements -
P2 Hyperlinking to css code -
P3 Bind external CSS stylesheet 150828
P3 Safe delete (indexing based) 145714


Priority Feature Description Issues Time estimate Milestone State
P1 Support for CSS versions/browsers Better support for CSS3 modules and proprietary syntaxes (MS IE) 140603, 121117
P2 Css refactoring 150189
P3 Hyperlinking from css 103977
P3 Allow filtering and sorting of css navigator
P3 E More css navigator views (plain/selectors/classes/ids)
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