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In order to understand how good your API is (or at least how it satisfies time to market requirements), it is the best to perform a usability study. I ordered one for the Html4Java API in February 2014. Here are the observations.

The usability study was run by and I can only recommend their service: I didn't have to bother with searching for participants, getting them in place, collecting results, etc. All of this was very simplified thanks to Denis @apiusabilitytst.


I had to think-up some tasks for the participants. Here is what I made up:

  1. Creating own application in Java that renders through HTML.
  2. Animating an HTML page from Java via knockout bindings:
  3. Communicating with a server using JSON & REST or WebSockets
  4. Create a Java API wrapper for some JavaScript library - provide an ability to call some library's functions from Java
  5. Interact with JavaScript from Java

all of these tasks were actually listed and documented in the javadoc, so my expectation was, it can't be that hard to follow them. But, we have usability studies to get surprised!

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