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==HTML Import==
==HTML Import==

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HTML Import

Mark has asked me to research and find out what it is going to take to make sure we have HTML Import.

It seems there are two steps to the process.

  1. . Migrate our current import functionality to Netbeans 6.0
  2. Update the import to make Woodstock Components.

Item number is a P1 in order to avoid a regression, while the second item is important but not necessary.


  1. The Import Action is selectable through the File Menu and is registered by project/jsf layer.xml file.
  2. The Layer.xml file register project-jsf-actions-ImportAction.
  3. ImportAction first uses lookup to determine what classes are registered that implement Importable. It then adds them as sub-menu items of the import action. It also has a list of hardcoded import items which are defined in this class as well.
  4. The Importable interface can be found in project-jsf-api. The class that currently extends Importable is PageImport.
  5. PageImport simply initates the Page Import Dialog which is in project/PageImport class.


Opening Page Import up again. It looks like this feature hasn't been worked on since Thresher. There doesn't seem to be any documentation on it. The Page Import module is found in under project. It seems to be made up of only two classes "ImportPagePanel" and "PageImport:. Most of the logic resides in ImportPagePanel.

For now this is what I am going to do.

  1. Figure out if this feature is visible or running in the current build
  2. If it is not, get it running or turn it on.
  3. Start refactoring on page import module. Not sure why the author put it all in one class, but it may be a good idea to separate out.
  4. Once these are complete I can probably start the above two steps.
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