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Embedded Languages How To

This document describes the progress on the embeddeding of following editors:

  • html -> javascript, css
  • jsp -> html -> javascript, css
  • rhtml -> html -> javascript, css

Current state / notes


  • We use the old HTML editor implementation for code completion, coloring, bracket matching, indentation, palette.
  • All the features above are based on lexer (html/lexer module).
  • The HTML editor is integrated with Schliemann:
  • There is an html.nbs file and some other resources in html/editor module - basically the same stuff which is in languages/html - we agreed with Hanz to keep the old one untouched.
  • HTML EditorKit extends Schliemann's EK - this needs to be changed later since we do not want to have the EK in public API.
  • Schlieman provides a new functionality to the handcoded HTML editor - code navigator.
  • Embedding of Javascript and CSS:
  • There is HTML parser (not the one in S.) which dynamically creates embeddings of javascript and css using Lexer API. The parser can probably be replaced by the S's one (not sure now).
  • Following features of JS and CSS works in HTML - coloring, navigator, code completion, folding, error highlighting


  • embedding of javascript and css works in JSP
  • most of the schliemann features doesn't work because of issue 99134



How to get it

  • checkout from trunk
  • web/css
  • languages/css
  • scripting/javascript
  • scripting/ruby/*
  • checkout from embedding_60 branch
  • html/editor
  • web/jspsyntax
  • web/jspsyntax/lexer
  • languages/engine
  • scripting/ruby/rhtml
  • add languages/engine into IDE cluster
  • build all the modules

Embedding related issues

Following issuezilla link queries all issues with EMBEDDING status whiteboard: Issuezilla Query

Features which are supposed to work

Note: All pure HTML/JSP features which worked in netbeans 5.5 are supposed to work also in the 'embedded HTML/JSP'

  • Fatures Status

html -> javascript, css; jsp -> html -> javascript, css

Feature JSP HTML javas. css
coloring o o o o
semantic coloring  ?
completion o o o o
completion javadoc o o
folding o o o o
formatting/indent. o o * *
error highliting o o/1 o
hints o  ?
palette o o o
live templates *
navigator o o/2 o o
comment/uncomment * * * *
bracked matching o o o *
hyperlinking o o * *
drag & drop


  • 1 - error highlighting - errorneous language constructs, unpaired/unfinished tags, deprecated tags or attributes are underlined and annotation shows signalling the error/warning
  • 2 - code navigator - shows html file structure, shows nodes for css rules, javascript variables, methods;
  • java features in JSP are not listed here

rhtml -> ruby, html -> javascript, css

Feature ruby HTML javas. css
coloring o o o o
semantic coloring  ?
completion * o o o
completion javadoc * o
folding  ? o o o
formatting/indent. * o * *
error highliting * o/1 o
hints  ? o  ?
palette  ? o o
live templates  ?
navigator  ? o/2 o o
comment/uncomment * * * *
bracked matching * o o *
hyperlinking  ? o * *
drag & drop

Legend o ... we have it already

  • ... do not have it, but we want in 6.0
 ... probably want to have but not to 6.0

- ... doesn't make much sense ? ... not sure about this one

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