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Note: in 7.0, the gdb log is no longer saved to a file as described below. Instead it can be viewed in the debugger console (main menu/window/debugging/debugger console)

Netbeans C/C++ debugger logs all communication with gdb in a special file called "Gdb Log".

To find it you can look for gdb-cmdsXXX.log (where XXX is a number) in your temp folder (/tmp or /var/tmp or other). The file is deleted on IDE exit, so do not close the IDE. Common tmp locations are:

  • Windows: <userdir>\AppData\Local\Temp
  • Solaris & Linux: /tmp or /var/tmp
  • MacOS: /private/var/folders/.../-Tmp-

on Unix-like platforms you can try "echo $TMPDIR"

Also you can see the log in the IDE during debugging, to do that you need to enable debugging console

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