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This page contains sample projects we use for our performance measurements (or information how/where to get them).


We use MediaWiki as our sample PHP project because we think that it represents an average PHP project (contains PHP functions, PHP classes, HTML, CSS, JS). NetBeans project for the version 1.14 is attached to this page - please download it and open it in NetBeans, the IDE should start scanning.


The C/C++ project with an extensive amount of files (60k files) under a single root. There are two attachments that you need to download:
(the project sources) and {NB_ACE-full_FitnessViaSamples.tar.bz2} (Netbeans project). Please download these attachments and unpack them to a single directory, so that you have ACE_wrappers and ACE-full directories lying next to each other. Go to ACE_wrappers and create directory build (eg. mkdir build). In the build directory run ../configure --enable-ace-reactor-notification-queue. After that start Netbeans IDE and open the ACE-full project. The IDE should start scanning.

Jackrabbit 1.5.5

Jackrabbit is an opensource project that uses Maven. The 1.5.5 version comprises of 22 maven projects (1 main, 21 child projects) and there are 66 binary and 71 source roots. It's a mid size project useful for repeated measuring and profiling. Please download the attached
file, which contains Jackrabbit's sources. Unzip the sources and you should have {jackrabbit-1.5.5} directory, go to that directory and run mvn install. This will download all libraries neccessary needed by Jackrabbit, build the project and run its test. After that start Netbeans IDE and open all 22 maven project. The IDE should start scanning.


Nuxeo is an open-source project (for ECM) that uses Maven. When you open the main project with "Open Required Projects" checkbox checked, over 100 projects is opened. It is a very good sample for testing of relatively large enterprise application.

Netbeans 6.5 java.source module

The old good java.source module from Netbeans 6.5 is yet another good example. Please download Netbeans 6.5 sources from Hg repository and open
project in Netbeans IDE. The IDE should start scanning.


We shall test glassfish as well.

More projects

Testing Projects (internal link)

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