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The work on InstantFitness is so nice and tempting, that I could not wait to use it on another application I am trying to profile. However alas, right now the .npss sample is generated only internally for the benefit of NetBeans applications. What can you do if you want to profile other application?

Sample any Java Application

Since build from Aug 28, 2010 you can use command line tool to attach to any Java application via JMX and generate .npss profile snapshot file:

$ cd nbinstall/platform
$ java -cp modules/org-netbeans-core-ui.jar org.netbeans.core.ui.sampler.Sampler
Usage: <port> <snapshot.npss>
First of all start your application with following parameters:<port>

Then you can start the sampler with correct port and file to write snapshot to. Wait for the amount of time you want the sampler to collect data and then press enter to write the collected data to the file.

The generated file can be loaded and analysed in the NetBeans IDE. Use File/Open and you'll see a timeline!

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