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For release in July, 2009

The success of every tool greatly depends on its symphony with its user. The axe is much more useful if its helve fits into appropriate human hand. The chair is comfortable, if it embraces the person siting in it. The keyboard contributes to writing effectiveness only if its layout and key size helps typing speed and reduces typos of those using it. However the quality is not only on the side of the tool. It is the mutual symbiosis that makes the tool effective, useful and successful.

It is the pleasure of the team working on NetBeans IDE 6.7 to deliver an integrated development environment that is designed to embrace its users well. We have gathered the user input during the release of previous version 6.5. The resonance of our users voices made us understand that quality and improved performance are the two major features that are needed to unite NetBeans IDE and its users in harmonized symphony.

Contrary to NetBeans 6.5 release (more info at Fitness65PressRelease), which was feature rich release, with performance and quality being in "sustaining" mode, we decided to fully concentrate on delivering performance and quality centric enhancements, to simplify the workflow and adjust it to needs of our users. We decided to create the tool to embrace our developers and join us with them in ever lasting symbiosis.

Features On Demand

The NetBeans IDE has for a long time been called "the only IDE you ever need" due to its support for rich set of various technologies. This remains true, however the NetBeans IDE 6.7 is first NetBeans IDE release which is ergonomic to user needs. The IDE does not throw all the technologies to all its users as soon as it is started. Instead of over-bloating its users with various offerings it lets the users to express their desires and it adjust itself to best suite each individual user needs.

As a result the NetBeans IDE is better suited to deliver on its "the only IDE you ever need". We can continue to expand the functionality available in the IDE forever and yet, the IDE still continues to feel and react appropriately to the needs of its individual users. The running IDE process enables only the needed functionality, eliminating bugs and ineffectiveness dragged down from the parts that are supposed to be unused, yet they are activated. We are proud to optimize this all and proud to deliver the first and true ergonomic IDE that fit its user needs forever.

Ready for Use

Is it excellent to have a camera capable of taking the most beautiful pictures, yet it can become quite useless if it takes ages to zoom and focus and you miss the most beautiful moments due to that. The same applies to IDEs - it is fine to have perfect editor, however if you cannot open it instantly, and need to wait - then the IDE becomes an obstacle in your way and not an ally on your path. To quote one of our 6.5 users: "I'd rather use Go To File action than wait for Go To Type".

We are glad to announce a magnificent improvement in this area. Due to elimination of duplicated functionality and reduced cost associated with initialization of various subsystems we can report that the navigation features are now instantly ready immediately after the IDE initialization. There is no need to wait for up-to-date disk check, nor various subsystems to perform the same check many times. The NetBeans IDE 6.7 is ready to use and respond all the time, giving preference to user gestures over internal data processing, ready to be the tool of your choice, waiting to optimally react to your commands.

Self Verification

The NetBeans IDE 6.7 is here to embrace its users. However we seek more than synergy between the IDE and its users, we want synergy between the NetBeans developers and their users/partners using the IDE. The NetBeans community has always been wonderful, better than community of almost any open source product in the world, and it was always known for providing valuable feedback. However during the previous release 6.5 we realized that we can benefit from one important aspect: our community is not composed of users only, it is full of developers. As such we can get more often and more detailed feedback, if we know how to ask!

We are proud to announce that the NetBeans IDE 6.7 has been enhanced with several self diagnostic tools to help with "in field" identification of what is wrong and to simplify submission for such reports to appropriate developers. The "Profile Me Now!", "Am I Leaking!?" and "Snapshot me!" tools resulted in tens of detailed reports being filled, evaluated and fixed during the development of release 6.7. The result is obvious: better performance, less bugs, greater software! All of this made possible by synergy between our users/partners and our developer. Thanks you all.

As a projection of this effort, the development and quality teams also improved our before commit automated testing tools and integration practices. This resulted in less regressions propagated to main code line of the NetBeans, less interruption of developers by problems happening elsewhere, giving them more time to concentrate on their own area and isolating them by inappropriate failures caused by other teams. We see the release 6.7 as the moment when partnership between all parties involved in producing and using the NetBeans IDE got new tremendous boost.

Listen, Improve, Deliver

As a major release, and major step forward, the NetBeans IDE 6.7 has always been seen by its developers as a chance to fix outstanding problems, do major clean up and introduce new revolutionary improvements, not really suitable for minor releases with limited scope. All of these changes were motivated by feedback gathered from our users. Their complains about latencies after start and about improper memory consumption made us think hard about possible fixes and led us to one conclusion: It's time to improve our coding practices.

As a result we decided to give all developers working on NetBeans IDE and users of the NetBeans Platform more powerful tools to let the code more effectively, with less errors and easier detection of potentially faulty statements. We embraced annotations based programming. We are glad to report that this really resulted in less errors and that our focus on ergonomic coding really delivered on its promise and give all the NetBeans IDE 6.7 users more effective execution.

We are proud to deliver the greatest and the most ergonomic release of NetBeans IDE to you. Enjoy and Embrace!

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