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This is is an entry point to the world of ever improving performance of NetBeans IDE. This is the home page for NetBeans 6.9 performance.

Motto: The only IDE faster with every release

During release 6.8 (more at Fitness68) the performance team decided to concentrate more on the QA side of its role. Finding real UI Responsiveness problems our users need to deal with. This improved perceived performance significantly. On the other hand it become clear that there are areas where level of UI responsiveness is OK, yet the performance need to be improved. NetBeans 6.9 performance efforts will concentrate on improving this.


Critical Areas for NetBeans 6.9

  • Slowness detector for editor
  • Code completion
  • GoTo Type
  • Scalable languages infrastructure
  • Common error badges
  • Lightweight languages registrations
  • Lightweight refactoring providers
  • Robust and low cost J2EE server/installer interactions
  • Features Off Demand
  • Effective Common Ground

Press Release

To get an overall picture of what the improvements look like for the users, read the Performance Press Release. If you wonder why we started our work with a press release, read about Working Backwards.


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