Find Bugs Test

According to findbugs website the quality of NetBeans 6.0M8 is horrible. The source is said to contain over 3000 mistakes including infinite loops and other obvious errors. Michal Zlámal suggested to create and run a hudson task that will generate the report daily for all NetBeans modules in distribution.

Run the Tests

The findbugs target will be part of nbbuild's projectized.xml and as such it will be possible to run the check in each module by typing:

cd your/module
ant findbugs

This will produce the findbugs report file in $basedir/build/findbugs/dash-name-of-module.xml and fails if there is an error being discovered. No file is created if there is no problem in the tested module.

There also will be a target in nbbuild to execute the test for all modules at once:

ant -f nbbuild/build.xml findbugs

This produces the output files for each module with a problem in nbbuild/build/findbugs/ directory.

See the Results

The online results are available daily online.

Also you can install Find Bugs Tasks for module from daily development update center and then you will get smooth integration with Task List. Just install the module, open the task list window, select a standard module from CVS and wait till the list of FindBugs errors is downloaded. Then fix the reported errors, very likely there are some...

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