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==== Spam in the IDE log ====
==== Spam in the IDE log ====
INFO [org.netbeans.JarClassLoader]: Cannot open /usr/share/netbeans/6.8/ide12/modules/ext/swingx-0.9.5.jar
INFO [org.netbeans.JarClassLoader]: Cannot open /usr/share/netbeans/6.8/java3/modules/ext/swing-worker-1.1.jar
INFO [org.netbeans.JarClassLoader]: Cannot open /usr/share/netbeans/6.8/platform11/modules/ext/script-api.jar
INFO [org.netbeans.JarClassLoader]: Cannot open /usr/share/netbeans/6.8/platform11/modules/ext/script-api.jar
== Doc Activity ==
== Doc Activity ==
[[Fedora/How_To/Parallel_Installation_of_the_NetBeans_IDE_versions| How_To/Parallel_Installation_of_the_NetBeans_IDE_versions]]
[[Fedora/How_To/Parallel_Installation_of_the_NetBeans_IDE_versions| How_To/Parallel_Installation_of_the_NetBeans_IDE_versions]]

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Fedora - Packaging of the NetBeans 6.8

See the Features/NetBeans_6.8 on the fedoraproject.org site about the release NetBeans 6.8 for Fedora 13.



This page accumulates info about effort to create software packages of the NetBeans 6.8 that complement the Fedora 11, 12, 13 (currently rawhide).

Basic Cluster of the NetBeans 6.8 is the target software configuration to be packaged for Fedora.

The Basic Cluster includes:

  • NetBeans Platform, version 11.
  • Major functionality of the NetBeans IDE for Java programming and development of the NetBeans RCP applications.
  • Facilities to access to NetBeans Update Ceters that let to download and install/update desired plugins of the NetBeans.

NetBeans Platform


The officially released sources will be used: netbeans-6.8-200912041610-platform-src.zip


  • swing-layout-1.0.4 is required, but only swing-layout-1.0.3 exists for Fedora. See Bug 558863. Code of the NetBeans Platform can be compiled against swing-layout-1.0.3.jar without any errors. Hence, it is NOT a showstopper for packaging the NetBeans 6.8.


There is successful koji build for Fedora 13.

NetBeans IDE


The officially released sources will be used: netbeans-6.8-200912041610-src.zip



Lucene 2.4.1

libs.lucene/external/lucene-core-2.4.1.jar is required. See changes in Lucene Java 2.4.1 for details.

It is FC12 Update Issue only, because there is lucene-2.4.1-1.fc13, but only lucene-2.3.1-5.5.fc12.

Dependencies upon the lucene package on FC12:

$ repoquery --whatrequires --alldeps lucene | sort

Module extexecution.destroy

Module extexecution.destroy requires external JARs:

  • jna-3.0.9.jar
  • winp-1.13-patched.jar (patched! win? can we avoid it?)
  • libpam4j-1.1.jar
  • processtreekiller-1.0.1.jar
  • commons-io-1.4.jar


The bytelist package is orphaned. There is bytelist-1.0.1-0.3.svn9177.fc12 in the Koji. The package has a dependency on the jcodings package. It is also orphaned, but exists in the Koji as jcodings-1.0.1-3.fc12.


The jvyamlb package is orphaned. There is jvyamlb-0.2.5-3.fc12 in the Koji. The package has a dependency on the joda-time package.

Spam in the IDE log

INFO [org.netbeans.JarClassLoader]: Cannot open /usr/share/netbeans/6.8/platform11/modules/ext/script-api.jar

Doc Activity


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