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How to install the NetBeans IDE via the Package Manager for GNOME on Fedora?


  • Fedora 10 or later.
  • A repository with the NetBeans software sources (AKA “yum repositories”) is accessible, e.g. via the Internet.
    Since Fedora 10 a main repository of the Fedora contains the packages (RPMs) of a version of the NetBeans software, and this repository is enabled by default after installation of the Fedora.


  1. Launch the Package Manager via the menu item SystemAdministrationAdd/Remove Software.
  2. Select Search by name and type netbeans in the edit control, then press the button Find.
  3. Select an item Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in the list of packages and set its checkbox to checked. File:Fedora12-Screenshot-Add-Remove_Software.png
  4. Press the button Apply.
  5. After some time you will see a dialog with info about packages that will also be downloaded and installed. Confirm this by pressing the button Install. File:Fedora12-Screenshot-Install_Dialog.png
  6. Wait for completion of the installation, and close the Add/Remove Software window. File:Fedora12-Screenshot-Add-Remove_Software-InstallationCompleted.png


Now, you can run the NetBeans IDE via menu item ApplicationsProgrammingNetBeans IDE or by means of typing the command netbeans in the terminal.

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