Using MySQL from inside NetBeans

These instructions are NetBeans since 6.1

Start NetBeans IDE and open the databases node in services window.

If the MySQL node is not there, right-click on Databases and choose "Register MySQL Server". If the MySQL node is there, right-click on the node and choose Properties

In both cases the same dialog will come up. Fill in the values under the Basic tab, then switch to the Admin tab and browse to the start and stop commands for the bundle (these depend on your operating system - see below) and enter in their arguments.

It's possible these are already filled in if NetBeans detected your installation. If that's the case, just review what is there and make sure it is correct.

If you are on Linux or Solaris and require root privileges to start mysql, for the start/stop under "Command:" enter "/usr/bin/gksu" and then under "Arguments:" enter the full path to the start/stop command followed by any arguments. For example you may configure start like this:

Command: /usr/bin/gksu
Arguments: /opt/mysql/bin/mysqld start

Starting MySQL server, that was installed as the part of MySQL Bundle

If you have 'Permission Denied' problem on MySQL start-up from terminal, read the following note.

Stopping MySQL server, that was installed as the part of MySQL Bundle

Read the details on how to stop MySQL server.

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