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What are the main features of NetBeans 7.x and 6.x Subversion support?

Module functionality focuses on daily version control tasks and integrates them into the IDE workflow:

  • Checkout wizard with a repository browser
  • Project Import wizard with a repository browser
  • All files are color-coded and badged according to their status in the IDE
  • Ability to update a project and all dependent projects
  • A multi-file graphical and editable Diff Viewer
  • A Subversion window that displays all changes in a given project, directory, or package
  • Inline display of changes in the Source Editor's left and right margins
  • A Commit dialog that automatically adds all locally new files, removes all deleted files, and schedules binary files to be added as such
  • A multicriteria history search with Revert Changes and Export Diff Patch functionality
  • SVN annotations integrated in editor
  • SVN property editor
  • A visual Conflict Resolver
  • Create and apply patch functionality
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