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Is Subversion client in version 1.7 supported?

NetBeans 7.1 and older supports Subversion 1.7 only through commandline client.

Supported Subversion Clients

NetBeans IDE can use three different implementations of the subversion client.

  • The default and recommended implementation is a JavaHL binding, a java API built on top of the subversion client in the form of shared libraries (*.dll on Windows, *.so on Linux). We currently support this client only in version 1.6 that is able to work with working copies in version 1.6 and older. FaqSvnJavahl
  • If JavaHL is not available, we automatically switch to a pure java implementation of subversion client called [SvnKit] that is always available because it is bundled directly as part of a NetBeans installation. We bundled SvnKit in version 1.6 which works only with working copies in versions up to 1.6.
  • The third client NetBeans can work with is the commandline client. However support for this client is outdated, we stopped supporting it when we started bundling the SvnKit and it works only as a backup client for users having issues with the previous recommended ones.

It means that certain recently implemented Subversion actions in the IDE will not work with this kind of client and the IDE might run slower because of performance issues consequent on running Subversion commands as external processes. We support this client in all versions from 1.5 including 1.7.

Opening a 1.7 Working Copy

If your IDE session uses either JavaHl or SvnKit client then it is unable to communicate with a subversion working copy in 1.7 format. If Subversion integration in the IDE comes over a file from such a working copy the following dialog is displayed asking you to switch to the commandline client the working copy was created with.


The dialog kindly notifies you about the inability of the IDE to work with a 1.7 Subversion checkout with either the JavaHl or SvnKit client and asks you for confirmation to automatically switch to the commandline client as backup. If you click OK then the IDE will start using the commandline client and will be able to work with the 1.7 checkout. However note that there are certain drawbacks of this action you should consider before accepting the dialog.

  • Performance issues.
    Using the commandline client may result in performance issues, especially on large subversion checkouts. Subversion actions like Show Changes or Commit may take a lot of time when invoked on the whole project or working copy root.
  • Need to upgrade old working copies.
    You will not be able to work with working copies created by an older Subversion client (1.6 and older). Such checkouts must be upgraded to the new 1.7 format at first. Sadly NetBeans does not provide the upgrade ability, you'll need to do it manually with the commandline client.

When we start fully supporting the SvnKit and JavaHl in version 1.7, you will have the opportunity to download a patch via Update Center services. With the patch you will be automatically switched back to the default client.

More information about implementing the 1.7 support can be found on wiki

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