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How do I set the password for GlassFish server?

The GlassFish Server Open Source Edition is installed when you install the Java EE or All bundles of the IDE. A username and password are required when you deploy an application to an instance of the GlassFish server from the IDE. The IDE uses the username and password that are specified in the Properties window for the server. The username and password specified in the Properties window must match the username and password specified in the Admin Console of the GlassFish server.

The default username and password depend upon the version of the server. The version of the GlassFish server that is installed depends upon the version of the IDE that you install.

To change the password of the GlassFish server.

  1. Open the Services tab in the IDE and expand the Servers node.
  2. Start the server by right-clicking the GlassFish server node and choosing Start in the popup menu.
  3. After the server is started, right-click the server node and choose View Domain Admin Console in the popup menu to open the Admin Console in your browser.

- Change the password using the admin console - In the properties panel of the GlassFish instance in the IDE, change the password to match the new password specified in the admin console

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