Why am I getting Rake tasks fetching failed with (working directory: ...)?

If everything works for you from command line with regard to Rake and in NetBeans you are getting the kind of Rake tasks fetching failed with (working directory: ...) dialog, be sure you have set for your project the same platform as you are using from command line. Since NetBeans by default sets bundled JRuby for the project (until user sets otherwise) it is likely that you were using from command line for example native Ruby (aka MRI or CRuby) which has a different set of Ruby gems installed. Thus in NetBeans using different platform for your project you might encounter this dialog. See How do I set Ruby platform for a Ruby project? FAQ.

If you have the right platform set for your project or the change did not help and you are still getting the error dialog and the error message does not give you any clues, try to run rake -D from the project directory to take a look what's wrong. NetBeans more or less does the same. So very likely the project's Rakefile is not valid or there are missing some dependencies.

If you are still encountering the problems let us know.

Note: NetBeans should show you what's wrong without the need of command line, but there is bug (Issue 150819), so you have to look yourself in 6.5.

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