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===How do I verify a plugin?===
===How do I verify a plugin?===

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How do I verify a plugin?

If you are one of Plugin Portal Update Center verifiers, you are expected to process incoming verification requests in a timely manner. In order to verify a plugin please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that plugin in question satisfies Quality Criteria
  2. Login to Plugin Portal
  3. Click My Verifications link from the user bar
  4. Check Only Show Undecided Requests option
  5. Find appropriate verification request entry
  6. Check either Go or No Go option
 * In case of No Go decision please [[Http://www.netbeans.org/issues/enter_bug.cgicomponent=pluginportalsubcomponent=pluginsshort_desc=NoGoFor<plugin_name>InNetBeans<version>| file bug]] and mention its ID # in the Comment field
  1. Add your comments to help plugin owner understand your decision
  2. Click Vote button

Note: Verifiers can change their minds if some serious problem shows up with any plugin in the future so their decision is never final.


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