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===I posted my question but nobody answered!===
===I posted my question but nobody answered!===

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I posted my question but nobody answered!

  • Maybe no one with the answer had time to post it.
  • Maybe no one thought your question was interesting or relevant to them.
  • Maybe no one even understood the question. Go back and look over what you have.

Make sure you have searched for and read all applicable documentation and FAQs. Try to solve some of the problem for yourself. (If you figure it out, please post a quick follow-up saying what you found out!) If you think you found a bug, try to come up with a reproducible self- contained test case - you can then file a bug report in Issuezilla which will probably get more attention than a mailing list post and be easier to track.

If you just have a question about how to do something, think whether your message was really clear enough for a stranger to understand - many ignored messages are just confusingly phrased or vague, or leave out critical details, or are too long to get the gist of quickly. If you can come up with something fresh and more useful to post, then do so, and be polite - no one is being paid to help you. If you have nothing new to offer, don't repost - you are more likely to annoy other subscribers than get a response. See Eric Raymond's guide to asking questions the Smart Way for other tips on improving your chances of getting a response.

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