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How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, send a blank message to the special subscription address for the list you're interested in. Subscription addresses for each list are shown on the mailing lists page, e.g. on the top-level lists page you'll see subscribe and unsubscribe mailto links for each list.

Individual messages versus digest list

As an example, say you want to subscribe to the NetBeans support list nbusers@netbeans.org. As shown on the top-level lists page, the subscription address is :

Alternatively, you can also subscribe to a digest-version of the same list: Instead of getting individual messages, you get a summary of all messages once a day. The subscription address for the digest is:

The subject and the contents of the message you send to the subscription address are ignored, you can leave them blank. The only important thing is the address you send the message to, and the address your message comes from (i.e., your email address).


  • You know you have subscribed successfully if you receive a welcome message - remember to check you spam filters.
  • Check your subscription status here.
  • It is highly recommended that you keep the welcome message you receive from the mail server when you subscribe for future reference. It includes important subscription info which you might need later on.

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