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(How do I configure CVS connection settings?)
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Applies to: NetBeans 6.x, 5.x
Applies to: NetBeans 5.x and later

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How do I configure CVS connection settings?

  • You can specify connection settings in the Checkout wizard. Settings are persistently stored.

For example, to check out NetBeans sources, choose Versioning > Checkout (or Versioning > CVS > Checkout) from the main menu and use :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.netbeans.org:/cvs with empty password for anonymous checkout. Alternatively use your own NetBeans.org login and password instead of anoncvs.

  • Otherwise, the IDE uses automatic configuration detection (probing common cvs setup files). Open the Favorites window, and right-click to add and open an existing repository directory. If the cvs session fails, the IDE shows the connection configuration dialog so you can change the settings (e.g. configure a proxy).

Applies to: NetBeans 5.x and later

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