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The default font size used in menus, dialogs, views, etc. is too small. Can I make it bigger?

Yes. You can run NetBeans with the --fontsize <size> option. The default <size> value is 11. You can set it to 12 or even a higher value and see if it works better for you. The --fontsize argument applies to fonts used in menus, dialogs and most components in the IDE.

The size of fonts used in editors is also based on the --fontsize parameter as long as it has not been customized by the user in Tools | Options | Fonts & Colors (or Tools | Options | Editing | Editor Settings in older versions).

To set this option permanently, edit netbeans.conf file.

GTK look&feel specifics

If GTK L&F is used (default for NetBeans 6.1+ when running under Gnome with JDK 6u3 or newer), the --fontsize option does not work because GTK L&F always uses the font size that is set in the Gnome settings. In such a case, you must specify another look&feel or change your Gnome settings.

To specify look&feel that should be used in NetBeans, run NetBeans with option --laf <L&F class name>.

To change the font settings in Gnome, use the appropriate menu item in the Gnome menus. The menus differ depending on the OS distribution and version. In recent Gnome releases, it is usually:

  • System > Preferences > Appearance, tab Fonts, row Application font


Run NetBeans with a larger font size:

netbeans --fontsize 14

Run NetBeans with Metal L&F and a larger font size:

netbeans --laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel --fontsize 14

Applies to: NetBeans 3.6, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Platforms: All

How do I read the fontsize value from my netbeans module?

See DevFaqCustomFontSize.

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