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Can I Add a New or Update an Existing FAQ Item?

Absolutely! If you know an answer to the question you've heard many times on NetBeans forums, feel free to add it to the FAQ. If you can add more information to the FAQ written by someone else, go ahead do it. To edit an FAQ, you need to be registered at netbeans.org site and logged in. Try to follow the following guidelines when adding a new FAQ:

  1. Read existing FAQs. There might already be an answer similar to the one you're going to add. If you think you can provide more info, consider updating an existing FAQ, instead of creating a new one.
  2. Think whether your item really qualifies as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). It should be asked and answered multiple times at public forums and concern something that many (especially new) users are likely to ask about.
  3. Create a wiki topic and refer to it from NetBeansUserFAQ. The topic name should be unique, short and descriptive, e.g. FaqWhatIsNetBeans. (For items relating to NetBeans module or platform development, please use NetBeansDeveloperFAQ).
  4. Make your FAQ title a real question. Ideally, it should be a question that someone did or would actually ask, should not be longer than one line and should give a clue what the topic is about.
  5. The first paragraph should be the short answer -- a condensed summary of the solution (or lack thereof) presented in the rest of the wiki page. A moderately educated user should not need to read further after reading the short answer.
  6. The following paragraphs should include the long answer -- a detailed description of the problem. It should be detailed and comprehensive enough to be helpful even to a less experienced user.
  7. Do not duplicate information. Link to other FAQs or public web sites wherever possible.
  8. Provide examples where possible. Put multiple examples into the Examples section under the main text.
  9. Note which NB versions and platforms the answer applies to. If you are not sure, list only versions and platforms you are positively sure about.


Please use the following template when creating a new FAQ:

===Can I ... / How do I ... / Why ... / Where ...?===

''short answer''

''long answer''



''examples here''


Applies to: NetBeans 5.0, 5.5, 6.0
Platforms: All
See also: ''links to documentation, IssueZilla IDs, etc.''

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