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I Can't Unsubscribe!

  1. Don't Panic.
  2. Don't send an email: "unsubscribe me" to the list you're trying to unsubscribe from.
  3. Please read through the tips below. If all else fails, you can email the list owner. See details below.

Unsubscribing is as simple as subscribing: Just send a blank message to the unsubscription address for that list. Unsubscribe addresses for all lists are shown on the main lists pages. Assuming you haven't changed email addresses, unsubscribing should be as simple as clicking on the appropriate unsubscribe link.

The only time this might not work is if you are trying to unsubscribe from the wrong list, or trying to unsubscribe the wrong email address.

Here are some common "unsubscribe me" problems:

You subscribed to a digest list

Digest list subscribers get just one large "digest" message per day. The digest lists are completely separate from the message-by-message lists. If you're subscribed to a digest list, you must send your unsubscription request to the digest unsubscription address, the regular list unsubscribe address will not work.

Check the unsubscribe info page for the relevant digest unsubscribe addresses. The look like e.g. nbusers-digest-unsubscribe@netbeans.org.

Your email address may have changed

For example - I subscribed from address1, but I'm now using address2. When I send an unsubscribe message, the response says that address2 is not subscribed.

Since your unsubscription request comes "From" address2, the list server assumes by default you want to unsubscribe address2. But your address2 is not subscribed, address1 is. So the response you get from the server is actually correct.

What you need to do is send a special type of unsubscribe request - one that says "unsubscribe an address different to the one this message is coming from". To do this send a blank message to a special format address:



  • _listname_ is the list name, for eg _nbannounce_, or _nbusers_
  • _user=host.domain_ is your _address1_ with the "@" replaced by "=". So for eg _jsmith@hotmail.com_ would become _jsmith=hotmail.com_

So if you were trying to unsubscribe your old address _jsmith@hotmail.com_ from the _nbusers list_, you would send a blank message to :


I haven't changed email addresses, I've tried the digest unsubscribe address, and I'm still not able to unsubscribe!!

Are you sure that you are sending the unsubscribe message from the same address that you used when you subscribed ? Even changes like


are important. In large companies changes like this might happen behind the scenes, without your being aware of them. Check the email header From field.

I've tried everything described here, how do I contact the list owner for help?

Each mailing list has an owner, you can reach them by using an address like :


so for example the nbusers list owner address would be

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