How can I install a new module from the Update Center?

NetBeans 6.0 and newer

  1. Choose Tools > Plugins from the main menu to open the Plugins manager.
  2. Wait a moment until NetBeans updates catalog of modules.
  3. Use the Search field to find the modules you are interested in.
  4. Check relevant checkboxes in the Install column to select all desired modules. You can also select whole category by right clicking one of its modules and choosing Check Category <name> from popup menu.
  5. Module description, author, version, source etc. are displayed for the selected modules in the right pane. Please pay attention to source of modules as this can give you a hint of their quality.
  6. Click Install button below the table.
  7. Complete the remaining pages of the wizard to install the module.

NetBeans 5.* and older

1. Choose Tools > Update Center from the main menu to open the Update Center wizard.

2. Select the update centers that you wish to check for modules and click Next to connect to them.

  • Note: If you are looking for modules on the NetBeans Update Center Beta be sure that you have checked the box.

3. In the Select Modules to Install panel, select the modules that you require. Version information and a module description are displayed for the selected modules in the pane below.

4. Click the > button to add the desired modules to the Include in Install panel. Then click Next.

5. Complete the remaining pages of the wizard to install the module.

The IDE's Update Center wizard allows you to update your IDE's installed modules dynamically. When you connect to the Update Center, the IDE checks to see if there are new modules or new versions of already installed modules available. If new or updated modules are available, you can select, download, and install the modules you need. You can also choose from several Update Centers that offer different types of modules, like experimental new modules or old modules that are no longer in regular distribution.

If you encounter a Warning about Networking problem due to your UC catalog cache being out-of-date, invoking Reload catalog in the Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins tab will help.

  Applies to: NetBeans 6.x, 5.x and older
  Platforms: All
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