FXML Editor Plan

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This is a plan of full featured NetBeans Editor support for FXML scripting language.

Java as well as JavaScript code could be embedded into FXML. NetBeans Editor therefore should support whole set of features for both languages as well as for plain XML and FXML specific constructs.

Code Highlighting

  • Semantic Highlighting
    • FXML elements, attributes, etc.
    • Java classes, methods, etc.
    • JavaScript elements
    • "%" localized ResourceBundle entries
    • "$" declared variables
    • "${}" binded expressions
  • Syntactical Highlighting
    • XML specific
    • Java specific
    • JavaScript specific
  • Mark Occurences
    • Java imports
    • "$" declared variables
    • "${}" binded expressions

Error Highlighting

  • Error Highlighting for XML
  • Error Highlighting for Java elements
  • Error Highlighting for JavaScript elements
  • Error Highlighting for "%" localized ResourceBundle entries
  • Error Highlighting for "$" declared variables
  • Error Highlighting for "${}" binded expressions

Code Completion

  • Code completion for imports
  • Code completion for Java elements
  • Code completion for JavaScript elements
  • Code completion for FXML elements
  • Code completion for static properties
  • Code completion for "%" localized ResourceBundle entries
  • Code completion for "$" declared variables
  • Code completion for "${}" binded expressions
  • Code completion for "@" resources (images, CSS files)
  • Should work on partially typed (syntactically incorrect) FXML file
  • Automatically add imports for completed Java classes
  • Automatically add imports for completed FXML elements, for example:
    • Using CSS shoud automatically add
      <?import java.net.*?>
  • Show completion items valid for the given context only
  • Show Javadoc for Java elements
  • Show documentation for JavaScript
  • Code completion results should be anchored


  • Fix imports
  • Organize imports
  • Same for JavaScript


  • Renaming of Java element should be reflected to FXML and vice versa
  • Renaming of JavaScript element should be reflected to FXML and vice versa
  • Renaming of resource file (image) should be reflected to FXML and vice versa
  • Renaming of "%" localized ResourceBundle entries
  • Renaming of "$" declared variables
  • Renaming of "${}" binded expressions
  • Code converters:
    • Builders to valueOf(...)
        <Image url="@my_image.png"/>


<ImageView image="@my_image.png"/>

Code Formatting

  • XML formatting
  • Embedded Java formatting
  • Embedded JavaScript formatting

Find Usages

  • IDE Find Usages for Java elements should find in FXML as well
  • Same for resources (images, css files)
  • Same for JavaScript files
  • Same for embedded FXML files


  • @FXML annotation in Java file should be navigable to according FXML element
  • GoTo support for Java elements
  • GoTo support for JavaScript elements
  • GoTo support for "%" localized ResourceBundle entries
  • GoTo support for "$" declared variables
  • GoTo support for "${}" binded expressions
  • GoTo support for "@" resources (images, CSS files)
  • GoTo support for JavaScript files
  • GoTo support for includes (other FXML files)
  • GoTo support for external URLs


  • Palette with useful FXML code snippets which user can drag and drop to editor


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