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Some module clusters in the NetBeans main repository are no longer actively developed or supported by the NetBeans team; the main repo is intended only for stable, actively developed modules. To make it feasible for volunteers to take over maintenance of the "downsized" modules, the modules need to be moved into their own source repositories, converted to be buildable in a standalone fashion against NetBeans platform & core IDE binaries (modules in main and contrib use a special legacy build convention), and otherwise cleaned up.

This page lists the steps I performed while running this process for the NetBeans Ruby support.

Moving Source Code

Identifying modules to be moved


Extracting module history into a separate repo


Removing modules from main


Publishing separate repo


Preparing Standalone Build

Converting to Ant-based module suite


Alternate: converting to Maven reactor tree


Locating platform binaries


http://hg.netbeans.org/community-uml/file/13ec0d76abee/build.xml http://source.apidesign.org/hg/netbinox/file/1075e21a049d/platform.xml

Setting up a Hudson job


Other Possible Steps

Issue tracking and mailing lists could be moved if necessary. (Requires site admin permissions.) Not done in this case.

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