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NetBeans Educational Resource Wish List

This page is a community-driven list of contributions for the NetBeans Educational program. There's lots of ways to get involved:

  • Need a resource? Add it to the list and hopefully someone from the community will provide it.
  • Have ideas for Add them below.
  • Want to contribute a resource? Sign up for an existing request or for something totally new. Make sure you send email to the NetBeans Edu mailing list - nbedu at netbeans dot org.
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Resource Description Requested By Owner Status
Guide to setting up NetBeans on multiple computers in a lab John dot Jullion-Ceccarelli at sun dot com
File:Sauter-proposal EduResourceWishlist.odt Ester Sauter's Proposal
Education slides, articles and lab exercises, but focused on academic contents. I mean, most of the institutions never teach something like javafx or jruby (perhaps on optional courses). So, there's no reason to have edu.nb overloaded with 25,000 slides on javafx. Instead, we could provide slides on how to use the netbean's JavaCC plugin, for a compiler construction course, wich is often a topic in most institutions. What I'm saying is that we must focus in common academic contents that hasn't been addressed yet by other sites (for example: compiler construction courses, database courses, UML modelling, C++, object oriented programming, refactorings - from the software evolution point of view-, some basics on GUI construction - wich are useful for everything else -) and from an educator point of view (giving tips on how to use the materials to other teachers, comments, results, etc). I mean, it's possible to google for some of this stuff, but it would be great that an educator could go to edu.nb before googling for something, that must be our objetive. Ezequiel Aranda
A rank/ comments system, this will let educators know what their colleagues think about the materials they're about to download, or the ones they uploaded and discuss their experiences using them. Ezequiel Aranda
A way to request materials, it could be great if the educators that can't find stuff about a specific topic could request help from the community of educators on edu.nb. Ezequiel Aranda
Post articles on the front page, written by educators and focused in "I used the technology X to teach the topic Y, and these are my results, opinions, thoughts, etc". This would allow another educators (that didn't know such technology X even existed) to become aware of the existence and utility of that technology. Also, some of this articles could be not nb-related (yet, of course, education related), with the sole purpouse of giving educators something to read/ comment/ discuss about. This Articles could form a rss feed, so educators could suscribe to it. Ezequiel Aranda
A downloads section, or at least links to the tools used, not only nb, but also the technologies used on the materials provided by the educators, this could be a page editable by every registered educators. Ezequiel Aranda
A weekly newsletter, giving registered educators a list of the published articles, a look at the new materials, also a view of top of the rank and most discussed materials, etc. Ezequiel Aranda
We must also provide a way for educators to contact us, and request new features or modifications of the existing ones. We must hear the users, because they're the ones that will make our site either a success or a failure. Ezequiel Aranda
We should also provide localized versions of the materials. It would be great if we could provide educator with something like an "upload translated version" button next to every document, then language picker, and automatically build a list of localized versions of the document. This way every educator in the community could collaborate, even with tasks like translating. Ezequiel Aranda
Construct a Common Syllabus for Computer Science and Engineering Courses and so identify where are good opportunities for Netbeans and so create (or invite teachers to do) content (articles/tutorials/etc) in those areas. Silveira Neto
Create site with student projects. Give students the possibility of international coolaboration. It is a great thing when somebody from Europe creates something together with people from South America or Asia. NetBeans should create special community for CS students around the world. Radosław Holewa
From time to time might organize special contests, dedicated only to students. For example contest for the best students plugin project or the best educational use case of NetBeans IDE Radosław Holewa
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