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On top of the generic XML editing features, the XML editor for the Hibernate mapping file provides additional code code completion for ID generator strategies, Hibernate types, cascade styles and POJOs, fields, DB table names, column names on the following element/attributes:

Element Attributes
<hibernate-mapping> package
<class> name, table
<subclass> name
<joined-subclass> name
<union-subclass> name
<id> name, column, type
<generator> class
<composite-id> name, class
<key-property> name, type, column
<key-many-to-one> name, class, column
<discriminator> column, type
<version> column, name, type
<timestamp> column, name
<property> name, column, type
<many-to-one> name, column, class, cascade
<one-to-one> name, class, cascade
<component> name, class
<subclass> name, extends
<joined-subclass> name, table, extends, persister
<union-subclass> name, table, extends, persister
<join> table
<key> column
<column> name
<import> class
<any> name, cascade, id-type
<map> name, table, cascade
<list> name
<list-index> column
<index> column, type
<map-key> column, type
<element> column, type
<many-to-many> column, class
<one-to-many> class
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