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Features for future releases

View hierarchy

Issue 121357 New View Hierarchy (Mila 20)

Word Wrap

Issue 89894 Add word wrap for text files (Mila 5)

Rendering performance

Rectangular tools

Issue 13857 Cutting/Copying vertical blocks of text: Rectangular Edit Tools (Mila 10)

OSGi support (maybe with Jesse?)

New applet support and JWS (maybe Milan Kubec)

Improve support for Applets (JDK 1.6u10) Issue 81678 (Tomas Z.)


Integrate (in contrib now)

Stack trace analyzer

Integrate (in contrib now)

JDK 7 features


http://openjdk.java.net/projects/coin/ http://wikis.sun.com/display/ProjectCoin/2009ProposalsTOC Work started in http://hg.netbeans.org/jdk7 with builds available here http://bertram.netbeans.org/hudson/job/jdk7/

JSR 308

http://openjdk.java.net/projects/type-annotations/ Seems to be implemented in the JDK7 code base (???)

Jigsaw (???)

http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=294 The status is currently unknown.

Annotations support

 (for the features already in JDK 6)
  • Issue 111063 Support JSR 269 (annotation processors)
    • Issue 111065 Support Annotation Processors in Java Editor
      • Issue 111292 Use code completion hints supplied by annotation processors
      • Issue 111293 Editor should run annotation processors and display their messages
      • Issue 111294 Editor should run annotation processors and be aware of generated classes
    • Issue 111080 Minimal Support for Annotation Processing related javac options

Something is already here http://kenai.com/projects/pelmel/pages/AnnotationProcessors

Jackpot 3.0 (???)


More refactorings

From IDEA, Eclipse

Issue 57767 Move method refactoring, 6 duplicates (Honza P. 5) Issue 147849 depends on this (Honza P. 5)

Issue 100758 Beans Refactoring Integration (Honza P.)

Issue 57715 Replace Method Code Duplicates (Honza P.)

Issue 57545 Inline Method/Variable (Honza P.) Improved Java Search

More Hints

From IDEA, Eclipse?

Hints from annotations

Java Source Code Processing Annotations (Honza L., Jarda)



Stabilize editor APIs

Issue 130487 Provide replacements for API/SPIs from org.netbeans.editor (Mila,Vita)

Issue 130488 Provide better supports for particular editor API/SPIs (Mila,Vita)

(B) Issue 120357 Rework and stabilize Indentation API - this in particular means to (Vita 5)

  • isolate old formatting API to a deprecated autoload module (in progress)
  • cleanup GSF formatting related API
  • improve the new API, documentation, usecases, etc.

(B) Issue 102406 Stop using and deprecate Syntax (Vita 10)

  • get rid of Syntax based java indenter
  • rewrite or make Marian Petras to lexerify properties module
  • isolate all Syntax related classes to a deprecated autoload module

CSL removal

Impossible in one release (?)

Make Parsing and Indexing API stable (??)

Better embeddings (SQL in Strings - Jirka Rechtacek?)

PelMel (?)


  • extended support for closure-like anonymous innerclasses (anonymous innerclasses with one method):
    • folding of the anonymous innerclass class into a closure-like format
    • code completion shows a closure-like entry when possible, that generates the appropriate anonymous innerclass
  • folding of constructor and method type parameters
  • support for URLs in the editor (Ctrl-click works on URLs)
  • Go to Implementation action for Java

Integrated search (???)

We have many issues with Search dialogs (details) We should work on integration of those features: Find, Replace, Find in Projects, Replace in Projects, Find Usages

Code beautifier (reformat and fix imports on more files)

Organize imports (?)

Issue 122109 Optimize Imports

Misc Features for future releases

Top Voted Enhancements

Paste Formatted improvements

Issue 105927 Support for Class-Path attribute in manifest

Issue 122100 Analyze framework (tool for static analysis) (Honza P., Honza L.)

Issue 60941 Javadoc Formatter (Honza P. 7)

(E) Issue 152749 Scanning of sources and compiling should be removed (Scan On Demand) (Vita 5 (evaluation))

Issue 47507 Transitively required libraries not automatically added to runtime classpath

General Infrastructure Improvements

Issue 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation (Vita)

Usability Improvements

Issue 101843 Up-to-date status in error stripe (Lahvac)

Issue 138794 - Redesign "Javadoc Index Search" GUI (Honza P.)

Features on Save (reformat, fix imports, etc) (Mila)

Issue 157079 Keymap Panel UI improvements

Issue 164601 Expansions improvements

Quality Feedback

  • Dusan
  • Issue 74806 Code completion for method/variable/class names should offer used but undeclared identifiers
  • Couple of simple changes in code completion:
  • Issue 75503 Cross deprecated constructors in pop-up menu invoked by Ctrl-P
  • Issue 80733 Ctrl-P should work for generics type parameters
  • Issue 96008 Use simple name for inner classes
  • Issue 112742 Simple return value for methods returning wildcard generic
  • Honza L.
  • Hanz
  • Mila
  • Issue 103467 Explicit control of UndoableEdit chunking
  • Issue 86511 Create syntax coloring guide for Lexer
  • Issue 122856 Eliminate non-read/write-locked use of TokenHierarchy's methods
  • Issue 150197 Switch off Lexer's Token Hierarchy during formatting
  • Vita
  • Honza P.
  • Max
  • There was also an idea of hardcoding lists of the most common shortcut that are used by various OSes and to warn a user when they try to assign them to Netbeans actions.
  • Issue 133145 - Surround with try-catch needs user options
  • Issue 131873 - "add parameter to constructor" hint
  • Issue 148751 - Provide change type hint when there are incompatible generic type
  • Issue 145018 - Change return type hint!! Performance
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