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Features for future releases

  • Paste Formatted improvements
  • Issue 105927 Support for Class-Path attribute in manifest
  • 122100 Analyze framework (tool for static analysis) (Honza P., Honza L.)
  • Issue 89894 Add word wrap for text files (Mila 5)
  • Issue 60941 Javadoc Formatter (Honza P. 7)
  • (E) Issue 152749 Scanning of sources and compiling should be removed (Scan On Demand) (Vita 5 (evaluation))
  • Issue 47507 Transitively required libraries not automatically added to runtime classpath

General Infrastructure Improvements

  • Issue 121357 New View Hierarchy (Mila 20)
  • 130487 Provide replacements for API/SPIs from org.netbeans.editor (Mila,Vita)
  • 130488 Provide better supports for particular editor API/SPIs (Mila,Vita)
  • 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation (Vita)
  • (B) Issue 120357 Rework and stabilize Indentation API - this in particular means to (Vita 5)
  • isolate old formatting API to a deprecated autoload module (in progress)
  • cleanup GSF formatting related API
  • improve the new API, documentation, usecases, etc.
  • (B) Issue 102406 Stop using and deprecate Syntax (Vita 10)
  • get rid of Syntax based java indenter
  • rewrite or make Marian Petras to lexerify properties module
  • isolate all Syntax related classes to a deprecated autoload module


  • 100758 Beans Refactoring Integration (Honza P.)
  • 057715 Replace Method Code Duplicates (Honza P.)
  • 057545 Inline Method/Variable (Honza P.)
  • Improved Java Search

Usability Improvements

  • We have many issues with Search dialogs (details)
  • We should work on integration of those features: Find, Replace, Find in Projects, Replace in Projects, Find Usages


Quality Feedback

  • Improve support for Applets (JDK 1.6u10) Issue 81678 (Tomas Z.)
  • Dusan
  • Issue 74806 Code completion for method/variable/class names should offer used but undeclared identifiers
  • Couple of simple changes in code completion:
  • Issue 75503 Cross deprecated constructors in pop-up menu invoked by Ctrl-P
  • Issue 80733 Ctrl-P should work for generics type parameters
  • Issue 96008 Use simple name for inner classes
  • Issue 112742 Simple return value for methods returning wildcard generic
  • Honza L.
  • Hanz
  • Mila
  • Issue 103467 Explicit control of UndoableEdit chunking
  • Issue 86511 Create syntax coloring guide for Lexer
  • Issue 122856 Eliminate non-read/write-locked use of TokenHierarchy's methods
  • Issue 150197 Switch off Lexer's Token Hierarchy during formatting
  • Vita
  • Honza P.
  • Max
  • There was also an idea of hardcoding lists of the most common shortcut that are used
   by various OSes and to warn a user when they try to assign them to Netbeans actions.
  • Issue 133145 - Surround with try-catch needs user options
  • Issue 131873 - "add parameter to constructor" hint
  • Issue 148751 - Provide change type hint when there are incompatible generic type
  • Issue 145018 - Change return type hint!! Performance
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