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{{iz|72059}} Make Method Class Static
{{iz|72059}} Make Method Class Static
{{iz| 197190}} Implement Replace Constructor With Factory Method/builder
{{iz|55762}}, {{iz|56726}} Generify
{{iz|55762}}, {{iz|56726}} Generify

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Disclaimer: The content of this NetBeans development wiki page is intended for pre-planning purposes ONLY. The development, release, and timing of any feature or functionality described here should not be treated as final, and is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Oracle. For information about NetBeans software releases please visit the NetBeans Roadmap.

Plan for the upcoming release is here: EditorPlan80. This page serves as placeholder for items for future releases.


Features for future releases

GUI Builder Plan CSL plans

More Hints

From IDEA, Eclipse

Internal Wiki

OSGi bundles support

The main question here whether we want to support bundles without using Maven. If so the following would have to be implemented:

OSGi bundle project type

Platform manager changes

Library Manager

Debugger, Profiler

Handled by the respective teams --- but almost no changes required there.

Dependency Viewer

From Maven.

More refactorings

From IDEA, Eclipse

Replace Temp with Query

Extract Method Object

Introduce Parameter Object

Issue 72059 Make Method Class Static

Issue 55762, Issue 56726 Generify

Copy Clone Move

Move: Issue 154900

Issue 57715 Replace Method Code Duplicates


  • Find Usages for methods (relates to Call Hierarchy too)
  • Mimetype registration for actions and plugins

Stabilize editor APIs

Issue 130487 Provide replacements for API/SPIs from org.netbeans.editor (Mila,Vita)

Issue 130488 Provide better supports for particular editor API/SPIs (Mila,Vita)

(B) Issue 120357 Rework and stabilize Indentation API - this in particular means to (Vita 5)

  • isolate old formatting API to a deprecated autoload module (in progress)
  • cleanup GSF formatting related API
  • improve the new API, documentation, usecases, etc.

(B) Issue 102406 Stop using and deprecate Syntax (Vita 10)

  • get rid of Syntax based java indenter
  • rewrite or make Marian Petras to lexerify properties module
  • isolate all Syntax related classes to a deprecated autoload module

Make Parsing and Indexing API stable (??)

JNLP and WebStart improvements

Issue 181260 Do not add Class-Path attribute into applet jar

Issue 181261 Provide a way to mark JNLP jars as eager or lazy.

Issue 181262 Add "indexMetaInf" attribute into jar task

Issue 181263 Provide UI to manage certificates to sign the JNLP application

Issue 181264 Add more sophisticated customizer of VM options

Issue 181265 Add filter warnings possibility into the output window

PelMel (?)


  • extended support for closure-like anonymous innerclasses (anonymous innerclasses with one method):
    • folding of the anonymous innerclass class into a closure-like format
    • code completion shows a closure-like entry when possible, that generates the appropriate anonymous innerclass
  • folding of constructor and method type parameters

Integrated search (???)

We have many issues with Search dialogs (details) We should work on integration of those features: Find, Replace, Find in Projects, Replace in Projects, Find Usages

Misc Features

Issue 105927 Support for Class-Path attribute in manifest (Tomas 5)

Issue 174506 Run File for any java file with main methods should accept command line parameters (Tomas 3)

Various fixes/improvements in indexing (eg. Issue 170521, Issue 177511, Issue 170939, Issue 176271, Issue 159756, Issue 170915, etc.) (Vita 10) (Tomas 5)

Top Voted Enhancements

Paste Formatted improvements

Issue 122100 Analyze framework (tool for static analysis) (Honza P., Honza L.)

Issue 60941 Javadoc Formatter (Honza P. 7)

(E) Issue 152749 Scanning of sources and compiling should be removed (Scan On Demand) (Vita 5 (evaluation))

Issue 47507 Transitively required libraries not automatically added to runtime classpath

General Infrastructure Improvements

Issue 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation (Vita)

Usability Improvements

Issue 138794 - Redesign "Javadoc Index Search" GUI

Issue 164601 Expansions improvements

Quality Feedback

  • Dusan
  • Issue 74806 Code completion for method/variable/class names should offer used but undeclared identifiers
  • Couple of simple changes in code completion:
  • Issue 75503 Cross deprecated constructors in pop-up menu invoked by Ctrl-P
  • Issue 80733 Ctrl-P should work for generics type parameters
  • Issue 96008 Use simple name for inner classes
  • Issue 112742 Simple return value for methods returning wildcard generic
  • Mila
  • Issue 86511 Create syntax coloring guide for Lexer
  • Issue 122856 Eliminate non-read/write-locked use of TokenHierarchy's methods
  • Issue 150197 Switch off Lexer's Token Hierarchy during formatting
  • Max
  • There was also an idea of hardcoding lists of the most common shortcut that are used by various OSes and to warn a user when they try to assign them to Netbeans actions.
  • Issue 133145 - Surround with try-catch needs user options
  • Issue 131873 - "add parameter to constructor" hint
  • Issue 148751 - Provide change type hint when there are incompatible generic type
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