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Planning for NetBeans 8.0 (JET Team)

High Level Plan

Plan for previous release

Plan for further releases

Input from the marketing team

J2SE 8 Support

Core Features

Notable planned J2SE 8 features:

Update NetBeans Features

  • use new javac
  • handling of the new language features in:
    • indexing/class file analysis
    • code completion
    • reformatter, indenter and code generator
    • hints

New NetBeans Features

  • convert anonymous to lambda (partially contributed)
  • convert for loops to bulk data operations (contributed)

NetBeans Maintainence

  • investigate and possibly rewrite javadoc support features to use the new DocTree API

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png investigate if using DocLint instead of our own warnings would be beneficial, and use DocLint if so

Project Features

  • need to update freeform to handle source level 1.8


J2SE 8 is planned to specify several hardcoded profiles. We need to change platform definition to enable the new JDK profile feature.

Embedded features


Redesign FX support according to JDK 8 architecture - FX is to be supported by SE projects in form of optional extension. The redesign would also resolve or make obsolete the issues Issue 212238, Issue 208800. (Petr, Tomas, ?20)

Extend native packaging support from JavaFX to JavaSE projects (Petr, Tomas, ?)

Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 224827 Update JavaFX Visual Debugger to support changes in FX SDK 8. (Petr, 2)

Other New Features


Issue 225298 Per-project hint settings.

New hints and error fixes.

Improve declarative hints language (e.g. isAccessible condition, onlyValid condition)

Investigate (and if possible create an "external" module for) code recommenders.


Top voted

Issue 65315 [50cat] Customizable templates for Encapsulate Field refactoring

Issue 81243 encapsulate fields: take configurable prefixes into account

Issue 224242 [73cat] rename property

Issue 203121 Support rename refactoring on labels.

Issue 131873 Add "change constructor" hint

Issue 216534 [Find Usages] Include overloaded methods

Issue 198672 Moving a class inserts "import" not in order

Issue 126907 Refactoring should parse javadoc and perform changes in it

Issue 138220 [Call hierarchy] Show real root of call hierarchy tree


Issue 221184 Support JavaFX2 in Maven Projects. (Petr, Milos, ? > 20)

ongoing support of SceneBuilder interoperability plugin (?, ? days)

Issue 213219 JavaFX Class Library sub-project. Standard Java Class Library is not usable in FX context. (Petr, ~7 days)

Issue 224680 Option to disable "JavaFX-Feature-Proxy". (Petr, 2)

Issue 204758 Update surfaced properties, add new, possibly remove obsolete. (Petr, 5)

Issue 215171 Context sensitive display of FX CSS documentation. (Petr, ~10 days)

Issue 213572 Custom entries in manifest for javafx projects. (Petr, ~3)

Issue 212957 JavaFX application with existing sources. (Petr, ?14)

Issue 213586 Generic parameter passing to <fx:jar> and <fx:deploy> tasks; depends on support on FX team side. (Petr, 5)

Issue 212400 Allow to select required JavaFX runtime version. (possibly also SE version, see also Issue 218422) (Petr, 3)

Issue 212020 New Empty FXML Wizard does not allow creating Controller class in other package than FXML. (Petr, 3)

Enable naming of Controller in New FXML Application wizard. (Petr, 1)

Issue 205086 Issue 205085 Main class and preloader refactoring improvements. (Petr, ?5)

Add JavaFX problem resolver (missing/wrong JavaFX platform), may be obsolete after JavaSE, FX and ME merge ? (Petr, ?)

? new project (sub)type to simplify creation of NetBeans modules that permit using JavaFX components (Petr, ?, ?>14 days)


Full text index

(Issue 201682), Find Usages and related refactorings for methods and fields can be made faster - a full text index would be very helpful (Tomas,5)

Remove obsolete code in editor

Issue 102406 Removing the old Syntax (the former version of lexer) - eliminate storage of Syntax.State from line elements. (Mila, 10 days)

Issue 204452 EditorActionRegistration annotation improvements should allow for declarative registration of all editor actions. (Mila, 10 days)

Issue 205707 Introduce View API/SPI and deprecate old o.n.editor.lib.view code and DrawEngine code. (Mila, 10 days)

Editor Performance improvements

Annotation Handling Performance

Issue 197747 - Performance improvements of org.netbeans.editor.Annotations and related classes

Misc performance improvements

Issue 187282 (cndreq, API) Allow to exclude embedded langs for source root (Tomas, 5 days)

Issue 195814 Improve Go To File performance for non source file. The Go To File has two parts. The first one is handling source files and is provided by parsing.api. This part is reasonably fast (for typical set up < 1s). The second part handles files which are not under source roots (parsing.api does not know about them) and it does file system search. The second part may take minutes. (Tomas, 5 days)

Issue 223984 - Provide diagnostics for tasks running under documents read/write lock for a long time (Mila, 1 day)

Java Project Improvements

Issue 123464 Improve UI for resolving broken references (Tomas, 10 days)

Issue 193436 Allow library registration using AnnotationProcessor (Tomas, 2 days)

Issue 174506 Run File for any java file with main methods should accept command line parameters (Tomas, 3 days)

Improve creation of a Java Project From Existing Sources Issue 194533 and Issue 190242. Partially done in NB 6.9, the wizard is now able to find source roots in selected folder but it should do it automatically for base project folder. The base project folder should be accessible from files tab as requested in Issue 194533. (Tomas, 5 days)

Issue 197811 Allow to cancel scan of misconfigured project(Tomas, 3 days)

When refactoring the JavaDoc should be refactored as well.

General Infrastructure Improvements

Issue 144579 (cndreq, API) Add support for child nodes to MimeLookup Preferences

Move stable part of java.api.common into regular api (java.project). Currently there in no way how 3rd party project implementors can use the utilities in java.api.common which causes copy paste programming. At least some parts of this module like QuerySupport should be cleaned up and moved to stable API. (Tomas, 5 days)

Remove implementation dependency of java.source on parsing.api. A support friend bridge module has to be created. The parsing.api and java.source will depend on it. (Tomas, 15 days)

Editor Usability Improvements

Issue 214770 Better utilize mouse wheel to improve navigation and overall usability, depends on UEX review (??)

Issue 160771 Custom Code Templates in Code Completion (Dusan)

Issue 218604 Chained code completion (Dusan)

Issue 198424 Introduce 'reindent' action (Dusan)

Issue 28294, Issue 224245 Ability to sort method order alphabetically (Dusan)

Issue 220009 - Option for wrapping in switch statements (Dusan)

Issue 186419, Issue 221377 Minor code completion improvements (Dusan)

Issue 225713 Regexp highlighting in searchbox (Mito)

Issue 223900 Zoom action buttons (Mito)

Issue 219536 Issue 214986 Better search and replace UI (Mito)

Issue 196301 Make color profiles export and import as Keymap Profiles (Mito)

Issue 225747 - Allow more detailed control of whitespace and newline highlighting (Mila, 4 days)

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