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This page presents a marketing-driven structure for Java Editor improvements relating to NetBeans IDE 7.2. In itself, this is not a list of priorities but provides the starting point for such a list.

Note: Incomplete & Work In Progress!

Planned, but not done in 7.1:

  * Issue 48427 Integrate Refactoring Undo with Editor Undo and Local History 
  * Issue 154900 Support nested classes in "Move" and "Copy" refactoring 
  * Issue 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation
  * Issue 174506 Run File for any java file with main methods should accept command line parameters
  * Issue 197190 Implement Replace Constructor With Factory Method/builder


  * Issue 203818 "Pan" behavior needed in editor
  * Issue 156124 Editor bookmarks view
  * Issue 167892 7 Mac keyboard shortcuts don't work
  * Issue 100841 Keyboard access problems w/ generate getter/setter dlg


  * Issue 204221 Not obvious how to add/update copyright messages in Java files
  * Issue 204223 Integrate copy/paste history plugin into NetBeans IDE sources
  * Issue 97618 Just a top level discussion of features Eclipse users miss in the Netbeans Java editor
  * Issue 185895 Breadcrumb navigation bar
  * Issue 167108 A keyboard shortcut to show templates for current editor file
  * Issue 193873 Need to have history for the Run button
  * Issue 150638 Javadoc tooltip for methods, classes and fields in editor
  * Issue 67397 Provide feature to reformat all sources of project
  * Issue 188573 Code folding state should be persisted for opened files
  * Issue 126364 Shortcuts in Insert code and Surround with
  * Issue 104425 Provide a hint for implementing abstract methods in subclasses
  * Issue 153728 Provide an action to copy the filename + Path to the clipboard
  * Issue 204252 New hint: "Make 'BlaImpl' abstract"
  * Issue 201130 Pasting a string containing newlines should insert "+" escapes
  * Issue 109016 Code-complete should suggest static factory methods
  * Issue 59753 Add support for subpixel rendering introduced in JDK6
  * Issue 200938 Select position of generated getters and setters in generator
  * Issue 203810 When hint is displayed, tip should be hidden
  * Issue 192580 Add ability to refactor the type of a member variable
  * Issue 204263 New keyboard shortcut: Pull previous statement up to current statement
  * Issue 204266 New Fixable Hint for Method with Absent Required Return Statement
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