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Planning for NetBeans 6.9 (JET Team)

High Level Plan

Plan for previous release

Plan for further releases

Features for 6.9

View hierarchy

Issue 121357 New View Hierarchy (Mila 20)

Word Wrap

Issue 89894 Add word wrap for text files (Mila 10) --- top voted ENH.

Invisible characters

Issue 4619 Editor should allow you to view non-visible characters such as tabs, spaces, carriage returns, and EOF. (3rd top voted ENH). (Mila 5)

Rectangular tools

Issue 13857 Cutting/Copying vertical blocks of text: Rectangular Edit Tools (Vita 10)

New applet support and JNLP

Improve support for Applets (JDK 1.6u10) Issue 81678 (Tomas)


Integrate (in contrib now) (Hanz)

Stack trace analyzer

Integrate (in contrib now) (Hanz)

SQL in Strings

(Jirka Rechtacek ???)



  • support for URLs in the editor (Ctrl-click works on URLs) (Lahoda)
  • Go to Implementation action for Java (Lahoda)

Misc Features

Issue 105927 Support for Class-Path attribute in manifest (Tomas)

Issue 177163 Support top level directory import (Tomas)

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