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CSS / HTML Features Plan for 7.3.next


CSS preprocessor "frameworks"


  • P1 syntax support - coloring
  • P1 completion for keywords
  • P1 completion for mixins/vars
  • P2 vars mark occurrences, goto declaration, rename refactoring/find usages
  • P2 semantic coloring, folds, navigator content
  • P2 LESS/SASS files autocompile & browser refresh
  • P3? built-in libraries

Responsive design/device-agnostic frameworks

  • Compass (as is commonly used with SASS)
    • P1 completion for the built in variables, "property names"
    • P3? built-in library

TBD what frameworks to support as there's plenty of them

"HTML" framework

  • AngularJS - at least from the html source perspective - no errors for AJS attributes, completion for them. Values are different story and possibly should be injected from JS side 224637

Plain / no frameworks features


  • CSS/HTML/(other static linked files like images) safe delete, move file - 187249
  • CSS refactoring of local files in URLs 190870


  • commonly used items as "smart" in the CSS/HTML completion 224313
  • CSS completion options (similar to HTML CC options) 223790
  • Show minimum supported browser version in CSS properties cc 217954
  • completion for CSS URLs 190870
  • completion for vendor specific properties 206836
  • completion could expand tags with required attributes 178234


  • css URLs to local files 154123

Error checks

  • check for HTML/CSS local files links consistency


  • "filters" for HTML navigator - show comments/texts/attributes/entity references…
  • CSS/JS navigator panel available for html files
  • CSS navigator improvements
    • CSS navigator could separate rules for different medias 160447

Other editor features

  • support for conversion of non-xml text to entity references  160447

plenty of smaller ehancements

See mainly the P3s from http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?priority=P1;priority=P2;priority=P3;cf_bug_type=ENHANCEMENT;columnlist=priority%2Cassigned_to%2Cbug_status%2Cproduct%2Ccomponent%2Cop_sys%2Cvotes%2Ctarget_milestone%2Ckeywords%2Cshort_desc;emailtype1=substring;query_format=advanced;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=STARTED;bug_status=REOPENED;email1=mfukala;component=CSS%20Editor;component=CSS%20Source%20Model;component=CSS%20Visual%20Tools;component=Editing%20infrastructure;component=HTML%20Editor;component=Refactoring;product=web;list_id=140574

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