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==ERD support for Netbeans==
==ERD support for Netbeans==

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ERD support for Netbeans

NOTE - This plugin no longer works with NetBeans 6.x - will be ported again into NB6.8 soon.

If you want E/R tooling for NetBeans, please add your vote to Issue 105075


The Goal of this project is visually represent the data model using entity relationships diagrams. Doesn't allows to edit or design E-R diagram. Primary Key


  • E-R diagram can be created from existing database as well as dbschema file
  • using Graph Library 2.0
  • using dbschema file as data model
  • position of entities(Tables) can be save

Types of relationships

Icons which represents keys.

It looks like the iconts for Foreign Key and Primary and Foreign Key are the same. Wrong file uploaded?

Run and Use!

  • Download E-R module.
  • Install using Module Manager in NetBeans 6.0 (the module requires NetBeans 6.0).
Is this really true? I just tried it on NetBeans 5.5 and I'm able to create and view an ER diagram with no trouble (so far).
To make installation easer the nmb file contains Graph Library classes,this library is supported only by netbeans 6.0
  • Nbm file already contains Graph Library so there is no need to install separately.
  • To create ER-Diagram use _New File ...|Persistence|ER-Diagram - new_erd.
  • As datasource live connection or dbschema file can be used Datasource.
  • Click right on created file, and choose open.

How to Build

  • Check out NetBeans sources using:

cvs -D :pserver:<username> co standard_nowww

  • Build NetBeans

Go to NBRootDir/nbbuild directory and run ant build.

  • Build Visual Library

Go to NBRootDir/graph/lib directory and run ant for building the library.

  • Run Netbans

Go to NBRootDir/nbbuild/netbeans/bin directory, run netbeans

  • Check out ERD module

Create a directory somewhere outside of NBRootDir directory tree. Go to the new directory and check out ERD sources using:

cvs -D :pserver:<username> co contrib/erd

  • Run ERD Module

Open under netbeans ERD module and run it

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