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Applies to: NetBeans 6.5
Applies to: NetBeans 6.8 and above

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Can I sign NBMs I create?

Yes, though there is not yet any GUI support for this.

1. Make a module project.

2. Generate a keystore, e.g.

cd .../path/to/module/
keytool -genkey -storepass specialsauce -alias myself -keystore nbproject/private/keystore

and answer the questions posed.

To make NetBeans build script sign the NBM module. The keystore and key password needs to be the same. At keytool, when the question below is asked, just press ENTER key, to make keystore and key alias the same password.

Enter key password for <myself>
  (RETURN if same as keystore password):

3. Edit nbproject/ to contain e.g.


4. Edit nbproject/private/ to contain e.g.


You could also pass -Dstorepass=specialsauce on the command line.

If you specify a keystore but
} is undefined, you will be prompted for the password during the build.

5. Build the NBM for the module. (Context menu of the project.) It should be signed.

6. Try installing the NBM. (Expand build folder in Files view and double-click it.) It will not be trusted initially (and so the checkbox to really install it will initially be unchecked), since NetBeans does not know about your signature. But you can click View Certificate to examine the certificate. If you allow installation of this module, NetBeans will remember you approved this certificate and it will not ask you for confirmation next time.

Some notes:

1. You can probably get a root-authorized certificate from VeriSign or the like, and the Auto Update wizard should treat this as more trusted. Not yet investigated (please update this FAQ entry if you experiment with this).

2. Keeping the keystore and its password in the private dir ensures that you will not accidentally commit either to source repository or include it in a source ZIP made with the Project Packager module. It may be safe to put the keystore in a shared directory (e.g. nbproject) if you are sure that the storepass is too hard to guess.

Applies to: NetBeans 6.8 and above

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