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By default, the main title shows the branding name plus the build number.

For production deployment, it could be required to only show the branding name.

There are two possible steps to achieve it:

1º.- Remove the build number.

Open this file:


in your project, and remove existing {0} tokens

CTL_MainWindow_Title=AppBrandingName {0}
CTL_MainWindow_Title_No_Project=AppBrandingName {0}

so it will be as:


Build number will not show in the application main title.

2º.- Change main title at runtime.

Inside the ModuleInstaller class for the GUI module:

public void restored() {
  // some other code may go here...
   WindowManager.getDefault().invokeWhenUIReady(new Runnable() {
     public void run() {
      JFrame mainFrame = (JFrame) WindowManager.getDefault().getMainWindow();
      mainFrame.setTitle("Modified main title");
  // some other code may go here...
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