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How do I use Java Generics with Lookup?

As of NetBeans 6, a number of convenience methods have been added to lookup, and support for Java generics has been added to Lookup. The following are differences:

NB 5.x Code NB 6 Code
Lookup.Result r = lkp.lookup(

  new Lookup.Template(X.class))
Lookup.Result<? extends X> r = 
Collection c = r.allInstances()
{Collection<? extends X> c =
Collection<? extends X> c = 

The new style also works well with for-loops and avoids casts:

for (SomeService s : Lookup.getDefault().lookupAll(SomeService.class)) {
    // ...
// ...
SomeSingleton s = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(SomeSingleton.class);
if (s != null) {
    // ...
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