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How to make sure my integration will not cause harm of other developers?

  • All sources can be compile
$ cd <root-of-nb-sources-repository>
# make your sources up-to-date
$ hg pull -u
$ ant clean build-nozip
  • all essential tests are passing
$ ant commit-validation
$ ant check-sigtests-version
  • avoid broken links in Javadoc
$ ant build-javadoc
# the file checklinks-errors.xml should contain no broken links
$ cat nbbuild/build/javadoc/checklinks-errors.xml
  • a checklist if you are changing plugins in contrib repository use -Dcluster.config=experimental
$ cd <root-of-nb-sources-repository>
# make your sources up-to-date
$ hg pull -u
# the contrib repository has to in contrib directory in the top of nb-sources-repository
$ cd <root-of-nb-sources-repository>/contrib
# make your sources up-to-date
$ hg pull -u
$ cd ..
# all sources can be compile
$ ant -Dcluster.config=experimental clean build-nozip
# basic tests
$ ant -Dcluster.config=experimental commit-validation
# signature constistency
$ ant -Dcluster.config=experimental check-sigtests-version
# check broken links
$ ant -Dcluster.config=experimental build-javadoc
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