How do I get sources for NetBeans using CVS?

For NB 6.0 please see WorkingWithNetBeansSources.

There are several methods of getting the source, detailed here:

For a development version:

cvs -d login
cvs -d co standard

For e.g. NetBeans 4.1, use -r release41.

Most Linux machines at least have the command-line CVS client installed by default - try typing simply cvs at a command prompt. You might want to visit any of several good sites such as which lists available CVS clients for different platforms, their strengths and weaknesses. Alternatively, you may wish to use the CVS support built into the NetBeans IDE itself. You should also read the Cederqvist manual included with most CVS clients for general information.

NOTE: Due to recent changes in the build for 6.0, you can no longer download source or javadoc for recent milestones of the NetBeans IDE or platform. Therefore, if you are extending the IDE or platform and want recent documentation or source code for reference, you will have to build NetBeans yourself.

  Applies to: all versions of NetBeans
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