Back End Decorations in Designer

This document describes status of the implementation of the so called decorations shown in the designer.


The purpose of the decoration is to provide an easy access for user to the component representing the back end of the provided UI (front end) component. For example for the UI table component the back end component might be the database table component the UI component is bound to.


The work has two major parts:

  • Components need to provide their back end components

There needs to be created an API which allows the designer (or more precisely the JSF support using the designer) to retrieve corresponding back end component for specific UI component, probably in the form of DesignBean, i.e. designtime API.

  • Designer needs to provide UI feedback to the user

This part is prepared. There might be further improvements of the look, at this moment it is like in the picture (demoed at J1 2006).

Currently only the designer part is prepared, e.g. it knows to draw the decoration and hook popup menu with actions to it. However it is missing the part needed from the components side. For the demo at the J1 2006 there was a hardcoded hack which was retrieving the back end component for the UI table component only.

Outstanding Issues

Issue 93709 At the moment there is no API which would provide the needed back end component for the specific UI component.

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