For the gory details on how this all is set up see DeadlockMachineAdmin

This is a a machine somewhere in the open Internet. It provides a few services for NetBeans development community

  • CVSup mirror of the master NetBeans CVS repository (currently not accessible externally, just used for local services)
  • Hudson: a continuous build for projects hosted on
  • FishEye: nice CVS browser. Special thanks to Cenqua for providing us with a free open source license.
  • Maven2 repository: A Maven2 repository containing NetBeans Platform/IDE binaries/sources/javadoc. Contact with enquiries.

We are still tweaking the config of those services. They can be up and down from time to time. But if they are up then data should be accurate and up-to-date. Well may be slightly behind but it should be 10-15 minutes not hours or days.

Notable useful links from Hudson trunk (all from Hg sources):

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