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UI Improvements for Database Explorer

We know there are a lot of things we want to fix in the explorer. Many of them are small changes, but together they provide a big improvement.

This page attempts to capture all these issues in a single place, in a prioritized order, so we can work through them one by one.

Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
P2 - Committed Features
Make schemas visible in the Explorer rob, mike M2
Improve New Connection Dialog mike,rob Design - M2, Impl - M3
Support auto-generated columns in Create Table UI john M2 57979 Lots of requests for this, big limitation in our Create Table support, prevents a lot of people from using it
Allow database connections to have names not tied to URL john M3 144112 Lots of requests for this
Make database features more discoverable in NetBeans mike,rob Design - M2, Impl M3 A lot of complaints, hopefully shouldn't be hard to do
Ability to select a connection for SQL completion in PHP mike,davidvc M3
P3 - Nice To Have
Make it possible to browse to table directly from MySQL node mike Design - M2? 150660
Ability to filter tables for large schemas A performance issue. Need to think about how to design this.
Make columns sortable in DB Explorer Have gotten a number of requests for this. Currently hardcoded to sort by order in table.
Improve Add Column UI
Create a text field above SQL editor that shows current delimiter
Improve Create Table UI See SQLYog for inspiration. Includes support for auto-increment
Improve Create Index UI
Need UI support for creating a foreign key
After creating a connection, move focus to that connection 150659
Provide action to show procedure text from procedure node
Execute stored procedure does nothing right now We should get rid of this action if it doesn't work
Provide action to view/edit SQL for a view
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