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Database I-Team Meeting - October 7, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, John Baker, Rob Englander, and James Branam


  • Bug status
  • Tasks

David: 2 P2s, and one of them is an I18N issue. The other was fixed by Rob. Unevaluated: we have some new ones. I'll take care of them.

Jayashri: If the P2 is a simple fix we should do it, if not we should downgrade it. There are time issues. We enter high resistance on Monday. Then we can only fix P1s. RC1 is on the 18th, and that will be the build that will gout with JavaFX SDK. It needs to be a good build.

David: There's also an issue on whether to have lines between rowsets.

Roman: Jayashri will send an email to HIE. I don't see a difference in rows in tables in dataview. Before it was the color scheme. I don't see a difference in colors, at least not on my machine. This is on Windows XP, but I've tried to look at Mac. It's not easy to see in XP.

Jayashri: So the lines are much lighter in XP compared to Mac?

Roman: Yes.

Jayashri: At this point, I'm just trying to minimize the changes that are going in this late in the cycle.

David: I can image it being a P2 if you can't tell the difference between the rows. We're winding down on 6.5. Next release: Rob is working on model rewrites for the database explorer.

Rob: I'm hoping to have a working version and Javadocs by the 20th when I come to California. I have some code that's working.

John: SQL history scripts: I wrote a brief one last night and put it on a wiki page. I also had another small scenario that I was going to write. I could send it out and have you guys look at hit.

David: It needn't be complicated.

John: My user case is to add a table from the travel database to the Sakila database.

John: Competitive analysis. I'm looking at what other IDEs have.

David: When you're ready with a certain tool, we should do a screencast.

John: I have some general ideas for use cases.

David: I think that there's a wiki page with use cases.

John: The tooling is very buried. It's hard to find.

Roman: I can also help with this.

David: I'll send the use case scenarios to you, Roman.

David: I've been busy fixing bugs. I talked to a PHP developer and a couple more are set up. The feedback: the most important thing is SQL editing. This takes up 70% of people's time. Snippets, history are also important. Refactoring is important too. A read-only tool would be very helpful.

Jayashri: Do you have all of this somewhere?

David: I'll send out the page. Romans, I get back to you on the unit tests.

Roman: Issue 149273 is bigger priority for me. I want to make the bug a P2 or maybe even a P1.

James: I ran into this problem today with last night's build. It has affected my progress with tutorials.

Rob: I'll take a look at the other P2.

John: The problem with the helloweb tutorial is that there wasn't a root password. This problem should be fixed now.

James: I've gone ahead and added a root password for MySQL anyway. This will be useful in future tutorials.

David: Kudos to John for helping a lot of users.

James: And a big thanks to John from me as well. He has helped out tremendously with the tutorials I've been doing.

David: I'm working on making NetBeans more attractive to PHP developers by improving the MySQL support.

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