Database I-Team Meeting - June 17, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, James Branam, Andrei Badea


  • M1 Status
  • M2 Status
  • View Data status/discussion
  • Gossip, rumors, innuendo

M1 Status

David: In stabilization now. John working on bugs for SQL history.

Roman: Incomplete bugs on QE report should be closed. We need to ask reporters to update. Status reports normally do not include incomplete bugs.

Jayashri: There is a column for incomplete bugs on the dashboard. We should also go through the P2 bugs. you can assign a couple bugs to Andrei.

Andrei: I've tried to choose a couple. Maybe it's better if you reassign me the ones you don't want to work on.

David: I'll go through the incompletes and clean them out.

David: Thanks to everyone for getting their features in.

M2 Status / View Data Status

David: Dataview module is starting to take up a lot of my time. It might not make it on for M2.

Jayashri: Ahi has been doing fixes.

David: we'll see how it goes. Ahi need to go off of this in a week or so. I can spend more time on it, but I won't be able to spend time on other features. There's the potential that other features my suffer (e.g. Sakila).

Jayashri: Having spent some time on it, I'd do it. It looks useful to me.

Andrei: They've made a lot of progress, we shouldn't drop it. It's a useful feature.

David: I appreciate your opinions. I'll continue on this.

Andrei: I'm working on code completion. I'm spend 50% of my time of code completion, and 50% on View Data.

Jayashri: Keep working on it for one more week. I'll take to Ahi about his commitments. We'll see where we are after a week.

David: Milestone 2 big features: Data view, Sakila and code completion. I'll try to get the spec out on Sakila.

Jayashri: We need to bring down the P2s this week.

Andrei: No time for full-fledged SQL parser in this release. The grammar isn't good enough. We need to support more than the standard.

David: Then we would need a parser for each database.

Andrei: We don't need a full-fledged SQL parser for code completion. I'm working on connecting code completion with metadata model. I'm commit something before my vacation at the end of the month. I won't have the metadata model done by that time. There will be no caching in the first verision. I'll do the metadata model when I get back.

David: At some point we might want to provide a top-tier editor. I'll do some research on this. I'm encouraged by the work that is being done.

Andrei: There are two lexical analyzers in NetBeans. One is in db.core. The other is in db.sql.editor. We might want to unify these.

Andrei: Code completion for keywords might not make it in. I'm not sure how useful this is for users.

David: I'll be presenting to nbcore this week on MySQL workbench.

David: After I talk to nbcore, I'll get in touch with the workbench people to let them know our decision.

David: Another M2 thing: providing an environment variable to tell NetBeans where MySQL is installed. Also set us start and stop commands.

Gossip, rumors, innuendo

Roman: I'm going to test SQL history.

David: Id anyone testing your snippets, Andrei?

Andrei: Yes.

David: The dialog has changed.

Roman: I don't know if I can't test. I'm also testing show data functionality.

Roman: I'll be able to test the new connection dialog after next week (along with SQL history).

David: Andrei, please send your use cases to Roman.

Andrei: I also want to look at the code before I go on vacation.

David: That's great. I'll try to do the same. Focus on your functionality first.

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