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Database I-Team Meeting - December 16, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Rob Englander, Mike Radosti, Jayashri Visvanathan, Roman Mostyka, Ahimanikya Satapathy, Nilesh Apte, and James Branam


  • Status of NB 7 features
  • Patch 2 outstanding issues (if any)
  • Import/Export

Roman: Status: DB area: 13 issues, we've ported two to patch 2. I haven't seen any changesets.

David: Who is responsible for reporting to the patch 2 branch.

Jayashri: Sustaining.

Roman: The cutoff date for patch 2 is 13 January.

David: There was a meeting planned with QE from Ahi's group. We don't want the run the same set of tests in two places.


John: MySQL docs. We have the format we like to be able to use the documentation and code completion. Functions and operators. - size is just 75KB

David: We may just do functions. Please find out the size. Also, the MySQL Helpset is 20 MB.

John: It shouldn't be a problem to use it.

David: I'll talk to John Jullion-Ceccarelli about this.

David: We're making progress in the import/export features.

John: Save As: There is limitation to OpenIDE where you can't remember the location where someone saved as the previous time. I asked for people to vote for it to be fixed.

David: I'm not sure that this is the way to do it (voting). I also added some questions, John, please take a look.

Jayashri: I have the contact for escalating the issue with OpenIDE.

(John followup)

  • For the openide Save As issue, I filed the 2nd enhancement, 155617. Fix is attached to the issue
  • I don't see any Save As issues where David added comments. David, do you have the issue id ?

David: John, can we have two issues, one for setting a default location the first time, and one for remembering previously used location. Once we have these, we can escalate

John: OK. I've also started to look at auto-generated columns. This can be a bit tricky.

David: Yes, the SQL we use is configured in dbspec.plist - there is a generic configuration that you can overwrite with specific ones.

Ahi: We do this in the dataview.

David: We'll have to revisit how we do DDL generation in the next release, and we'll take a look at Ahi's implementation at that time.

Rob: I'll be doing a massive commit very soon. I'll make sure that I have some time in case I break the build.

David: It would be great if you could run all the unit tests.

Rob: Yes. The old tree (the code will remain) will not be used at all any more. The new tree will exist after this commit. I've also made the changes to the Java DB and SQL modules to use the new infrastructure. I'll create issues for the pieces that are missing. So far everything looks good. Some things work now that didn't before.

David: When you have time, you could go through our bugs and close the irrelevant ones.

Rob: there's an opportunity to add a little infrastructure to keep trees in sync. Anything that happens outside the explorer would trigger a refresh in the explorer. I'll add an issue as an enhancement.

David: this would be great. The SQL editor can use this once it's a little smarter and knows when a DDL command is changing the underlying schema.

Ahi: When a table is deleted, we need to get notified so we can remove the dataview

David: The metadata listener should take care of this.

Ahi: I'd like to see a quick view of the metadata, e.g. column size.

Rob: This might be done with a mouseover.

Ahi: A mouseover would be good for this. I think an enhancement request on this has been logged.

David: I'm looking forward to Rob's checkin. I'll be sure to look at the code and not the diffs.

Rob: I'll do a walkthough the first week in January.

Ahi: I'm ready to check in the dataview stuff.

David: This is when you choose an action to insert a new row, you'll get a tabular view to enter multiple rows at once.

Ahi: Other changes: we now have a column dedicated to row number. We also have column selection. I can select and deselect columns from the view.

David: Great stuff.

David: I've been spending time to learn the editor infrastructure. Also the new parser API, figuring out how much of it we want to use. I hope to be making the right changes happening in the editor soon. I'm also working with Mike on how to set a connection for projects. For M3, I'll work on adding support for functions.

Mike: Can we make this (choosing a connection for a project) the topic of the UI meeting tomorrow?

David: Yes, we can. I've also been reviewing the specs for Ahi's team. We're working on import/export. Virtual Database is on hold.

Jayashri: I wanted to check with Ahi on the Virtual Database. I think it might be useful for us to talk to John about this.

David: I'm also reviewing what Rob is checking in.

James: I spent all night working on the ICEfaces migration guide.

Mike: The spec for the new connection dialog has not gone up yet.

David: Please send out an email to

Mike: I've also been working on schema selection and code completion connection for PHP

Jayashri: Most meetings have been cancelled for this week. If we want to put the database on the Update Center, we can do it. If we want to put it in the product, we'll have to get the OK.

Ahi: We'll make it available in the Update Center and see how people like it. I'll need some help on how to get it to the Update Center.

Jayashri: Once the Beta Update Center becomes available, we can put it there to get more visibility.

David: My proposal for the PHP/MySQL/Twitter app has been accepted for the MySQL conference. The MySQL University team has also asked us to do a Webinar. Also, the MySQL people have asked us to do a series of webinars/screencasts. This is good. A lot of MySQL users don't know what they can get out of an IDE.

John: The clone will be completed this evening. We probably shouldn't check in until then.

Jayashri: Yes, please don't check in until you see the email that the branch has been made.

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