Tasks for DB Team after 6.5 code freeze

Here are a list of possible things we could be doing. These are grouped by developer and sorted in order of importance.

What Who Status/Comments
Get list of top voted enhancements/features from Issuezilla DONE - See this query
Rewrite database node model Rob First steps: "here's what I'm thinking" design and a prototype
Screencast script for SQL history John By next i-team
Study of other tools providing DB support John Possible tools to study: Eclipse Data Tools, IntelliJ, and JDeveloper. Here is the list of use cases to look at
Improve unit tests John Tests using JDBC connection should not be forced to use DatabaseConnection
Improve unit tests John Should be able to test with multiple dbs in one test run
Run unit tests on Hudson Roman Roman waiting on guidance from David
Screencast of new DB features Andrei Andrei needs scripts from everyone by next i-team
Prototype of SQL completion in PHP editor Andrei It turns out we could really use some screen shots soon for a MySQL conference proposal. Not essential, but would be very good to have.
Investigate SQL cut/paste (using Wade's plugin as base) Andrei Seems to be a demand for this if we can pull it off
Investigate of SQL documentation with completion Andrei Not started
Screencast script for Sakila sample support David Done, sent to Andrei
Screencast script for data view David Done, sent to Andrei
MySQL Conference 2009 session proposal David Initial draft completed
MySQL University class David Waiting to hear back from MySQL University team for more guidance
Evaluate E/R visual designer plugin David Not started
User research on schema management David Wrote up some use cases and blogged, getting feedback. Next step, more in-depth use case analysis and maybe some interaction design.
Test SQLite JDBC driver and blog about it David Not started
Investigation/prototype of db schema refactoring David Not started
Meet with PHP, Java, JPA and Hibernate teams to get their ideas/feedback David/Jayashri Started
Interview PHP developers David One interview complete
Investigate what is takes to instrument database apps so that they can be monitored by MySQL Enterprise Monitor David Not started
Investigate/prototype of SSH tunnel tool David Not started
Prototype/demo of codegen templates using DB metadata David Not started
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